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The Advantages of Cadmium Plating in Aerospace

Cadmium plating process

Cadmium plating offers numerous advantages. These include adhesion, corrosion resistance and lubricity. It also provides freedom from stick-slip, which allows consistent torquing of plated threads. It has good solderability and works great as a paint base or a final finish.



When an object is cadmium plated, its adhesive properties are greatly improved. This makes the object’s surface more bondable to adhesives which are typically used in aerospace manufacturing and other industries.


Corrosion Resistance

Cadmium plating done on any item makes it corrosion resistant. This is why suppliers make use of cadmium plated bolts for machinery to be used in harsh environmental conditions. Military defense, aerospace and aviation industries choose fasteners with this coating for that reason.



Cadmium plating effectively improves lubricity, which is why it is highly recommended if you’re looking for eyebolt anchors to go with this kind of coating. This can be the perfect choice for machines’ moving parts, where it prevents galling. It also lessens friction, which is very important in the function of machinery where metal surfaces typically touch each other.

Cadmium plated fasteners are widely used in several industries because of these benefits. Manufacturers who opt for eye bolt anchor can choose this coating, especially if products are for outdoor use, exposed to various climatic conditions.


There are professional companies such as N&S Aero that deal with different types of bolts useful for industrial and house applications. When it is used for aerospace, it goes into major structural items, engines, fasteners and landing gear.

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