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Machining Trends in Aerospace Systems

production engineering process

The aerospace industry is a stronghold of advanced machine tool technology and manufacturing activity. There are a few machining trends in aerospace systems, with increased interest in tools with advanced 5-axis capabilities. It’s comparable to the early days of mill machines when manufacturers started recognizing the advantages of adding drilling and milling capabilities to standard 2-axis lathe machinery.

These days, there are hundreds of machine tool configurations to choose from. These include machines used for production of small to medium sized structural components.

Close Collaboration

A consistent trend in aerospace systems is machine tool builders working closely with their customers in manufacturing. Developing massive aerospace machining systems is a very time-consuming and calculated procedure.

It usually starts when machine sales personnel establishes a relationship with the manufacturer by laying out machine capabilities that can be useful for what the manufacturer needs. Then the application engineers handling machine tool builders meet with the production engineers from the manufacturer. Finally, they decide on the manufacturer’s specified needs for a certain project.

Constant Technological Advancement

Major improvements in operating efficiency, enhanced avionics, remarkable interior cabin designs, and noise reduction capabilities bring more and more customer demand. The way aircrafts are manufactured is quickly changing due to the wider use of composites, conversions to new electrical systems and advanced manufacturing technology. These changes are essential to keep up with aircraft OEM demands.

In any case, the key factor for any project is the participation of application engineers. They must be knowledgeable of manufacturing technology and capable of providing machining demonstrations, application engineering, and training closely and comprehensively with customers.

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