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Selecting the Perfect Aerospace Machine Shop

What would help you select the ideal aerospace machine shop? Aerospace machine shops supply complex machinery such as high precision scientific instruments and satellites. These are used in various areas of space research and other courses that use aerospace in their field of study and performance.

These shops use highly advanced machinery including electric discharge machining equipment and computer numerical controlled machines in producing intricate instruments. Computer-aided manufacturing processing is typically used for production.

The machinists are proficient in using complicated machinery and make use of different metals and nonmetals in production. The following criteria show you the dependability of the machinists and the shop itself.


Having the Right Certifications

It is important that skills and experience are backed up by certifications. Possessing the proper certifications is vital in selecting an aerospace machine shop to deal with. Whether you need precision machined aerospace components or landing-gear struts, be sure to ask for the certifications.


Modern, Up-to-date Equipment

It is essential for a shop to invest in advanced training and equipment to consistently and effectively offer the standard of precision needed by aerospace machining. However, this does not only mean just having the “biggest guns” around. The perfect aerospace machine shop also provides quality assurance systems, advanced tooling and a systematized facility that makes room for lean manufacturing processes.


In-House Tooling

Time is of the essence, especially with manufacturing aerospace components. Having the proper CNC machinery is vital: it only works if the tools can accommodate the part’s specifications. This is why in-house tooling for aerospace machining is necessary.

One of the most challenging procedures is developing tooling that can efficiently accommodate any part’s complex geometries. Being able to develop custom fixtures and tools in-house can mean significant savings in time used for piece inspection and full production.

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